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Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Iowa

A continuing care retirement community can represent a sound option for a senior resident looking to relocate just once during his or her retirement. Iowa-based CCRCs offer access to several levels of care, allowing residents to stay in the same campus, regardless of how their needs might change.

Eligibility criteria are focused on one's age, health status, independence level, and financial self-sufficiency. Residents must be over 55 or 62, with a reasonable state of health and able to live on their own. As admittance often requires a hefty entrance fee, financial self-sufficiency is a must. Prospective applicants can use funds from personal assets, retirement funds or Medicare policies to cover the necessary fees, even though the latter is usually reserved to limited circumstances and never on a long-term basis.

In Iowa, there are about 140 continuing care retirement communities, offering the following levels of care: independent living, assisted living, memory care, skilled nursing care. These are located throughout the state, including in these locations: Ackley, Cedar Falls, Bettendorf, Cedar Rapids, Dallas Center, Des Moines, Iowa City, Sioux City, Waterloo, Williamsburg.

Even if you meet all the admittance criteria, please keep in mind that most CCRCs have an exceptionally long waiting list. As a result, it might months or even years before your application is accepted. The best thing you can do is apply early on, asking an experienced attorney to review your contract before putting your name on it.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Iowa - financing and costs

For-profit CCRCs are often backed by investors, and they require substantial fees to be covered by residents. Non-profit CCRCs are sometimes founded by local authorities, but they can also be faith-based or supported through investments. Private-public partnerships can cover the financing needs, aside from the money coming from prospective residents who apply for a spot. The attorney can also help you verify the bankruptcy policy of a CCRC, before actually going through with your application.

The entrance fee for Iowa-based CCRCs varies between $160,000 and $600,000. As for the monthly fees, these vary between $2,500 and $5,400. By comparison, the national average is around $2,500. In Cedar Rapids, for instance, the average monthly fee is around $2,500. It should be mentioned that faith-based CCRCs can have lower fees; a Presbyterian retirement community welcomes prospective residents, with monthly fees as low as $900 per month.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities in Iowa - services and levels of care

A Iowa-based CCRC typically accepts senior residents who are interested in living independently, with little or no assistance. They demand a good state of health, with no chronic conditions. Some retirement communities might reject applications who suffer from degenerating illnesses.

At the beginning, residents move into an independent living unit. They are free to decide on the level of support offered, but they all benefit from the same range of services: housekeeping, general maintenance, security, laundry and linen service, etc. Once more help is needed, and one's health needs change, residents can transition to assisted living.

The memory care unit represents the care of level suitable for people who have been diagnosed with various forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's disease. Within this care level, they benefit from personal and healthcare assistance, as well as non-stop supervision. The skilled nursing unit delivers round-the-clock medical assistance and rehabilitation to residents whose current health status is complicated.

Seniors get transitioned from one level of care to the next, in accordance of their healthcare and personal assistance demands. If independent living is no longer possible or the resident's health has taken a turn for the worse, the staff will recommend transitioning to a higher level of care. These transitions are based on expert evaluations and they can be temporary or permanent. Aside from handling the complex needs of the respective senior adult, they are also meant to reduce the risk of self-harm.

CCRC in Iowa - amenities and options

Iowa-based CCRCs typically have a lot of exciting amenities to offer, as well as a wide range of activities. They are particularly appealing to spouses, as they can keep living together. Even if one of the partners requires a higher level of care, he/she will remain within the same setting, with no risk of separation anxiety. Many of these retirement communities are pet-friendly, which is a definite plus for those who do not want to abandon their pets once retired.

The amenities you will find in such a retirement community are meant to help you maintain an active lifestyle, surrounded by people who share the same interests. From practicing your favorite sport to learning how to paint, you will find there are numerous options available in terms of entertainment.

Amenities include swimming pools, learning centers, fine dining restaurants, cafes, social clubs, religious services, etc. Many CCRCs have exceptional fitness and wellness centers, coffee shops, hair salons, libraries, games and billiard rooms, theatres, woodworking shops, landscaped gardens.

What are some positives and negatives of moving into a CCRC in Iowa?

Life in an Iowa-based CCRC is comfortable and pleasant, but it will also require a period of adjustment and a considerable financial investment. Consider the following pros and cons to reach a conclusion about moving forward.

Pros of moving to a CCRC in IA

Transition to higher levels of care, including assisted living, memory care, and skilled nursing care

Church-based CCRCs demand lower fees

May use a Medicare policy to cover certain fees for a limited period of time

Relocate just once – remain within the same setting, regardless of how your care needs will change

Relieved of tiring household chores & round-the-clock assistance when necessary

Cons of moving to a CCRC in IA

Considerable financial investment – entrance and monthly fees

Prolonged acceptance period (waiting list long, acceptance can take months or years)

Selecting the best contract might be confusing (an attorney might help with this matter)

Refund options not always available in case you decide life in a CCRC doesn't suit your needs

You might not be able to adjust to the living conditions & requirements (plus certain restrictions might apply)

Some senior residents feel the lack of age diversity to be frustrating, missing their previous living arrangements

If you are interested in seeing how life in such a CCRC unfolds, you can schedule appointments with several retirement communities and visit each. Many of these communities also offer a trial basis period, so that you can determine whether this is the right option for you or not.

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